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The Little Nigar: Le Petit Negre
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:

The Flaming Piano

Awesome work! I like the vibe here! Just normalize output volume when exporting if possible to avoid clipping of audio

Piano Spiel

Yeah I've got to improve that, but thanks flaming!

Relaxing Piano Covers

This is such a fun one to play! Great performance! ♥️👍

Piano Spiel

You too! :)

Relaxing Piano Covers

A Pianist You’re most welcome! Enjoy the rest of your weekend ♥️👍

Piano Spiel

Thank you!!

Stari, Dragonian First Hunter

playing this in my piano class now, i suck so i wanted to hear it by someone who doesnt suck.


Same just started this week looks hard enough for me haha

Piano Spiel

Well, we all "suck" at some point. It's nothing a little persistent practice can't solve :)

Piano Channels

From 0:00 to 0:20 it reminds me of Debussy’s other piece “Golliwog’s Cakewalk”. Never heard this piece before awesome job!

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