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Nocturnes Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major. Andante
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frédéric Chopin:

Hulanka Szynkareczko szafareczko Co ty robisz stój Tam się śmiejesz …
Moja Pieszczotka Moja pieszczotka gdy w wesołej chwili Pocznie szczebiotać i …
Narzeczony Wiatr zaszumiał między krzewy Nie w czas nie w czas koniu Ni…
Nie Ma Czego Trzeba Mgła mi do oczu zawiewa z łona W prawo i w…
Precz Z Moich Oczu Precz z moich oczu Posłucham od razu Precz z mego serca I se…
Sliczny Chlopiec Wzniosły smukły i młody O nielada urody Śliczny chłopiec cze…
Smutna Rzeka Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony Czemu nurt twój tak zmącony Czy …
Zyczenie Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie Nie świeciłabym jak tyl…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Its okay to not be okay

my mom used to play this, along with other beethoven, chopin, mozart music.. she was soooooo excellent.. but her hands got a bit rusty, she used to say, because she havent played much ever since she became a mother of us three kids. Nevertheless, her ability to read music and play was still super outstanding.
Her big dream when she was younger was to become a professional pianist, even got her bachelors degree in music but she couldn't.. since memorizing music was a bit of a problem for her. And she chose to marry my dad and choose the path of a mother.

Her passion for music always stayed though.

Last year, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away this year on Februrary 1st. Which is also her mother's birthday..

I miss her very much. Too much.
I just hope.. she's fulfilling all her wishes and passion in heaven.

I can't keep wondering though, what would it be like if mom became a famous pianist instead of marrying dad.

Anyway.. if you read this far.. thanks for listening :) 💖

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Vadim Chaimovich

We just hit record-breaking 200 million views, which is … MORE THAN JUST AWESOME! Well deserved by Chopin and Van Gogh, who “collaborated” to produce one of the most viewed classical music videos on YouTube. 😊 As the pianist in this video, I want to say a big thank you to all of you guys. Also, If you are curious to SEE how this was played and recorded by me back in 2010 – just visit my YT channel. And yes of course, you are invited to hit the like button, comment and subscribe! 😃


I have couple thousand

Jiyou Kang

Let's gooo!


its pleasing to see that this amazing piece of artwork got 200million views

Chewy Gami

Just Awesome,

shta prachinum

yes, the combined effort of Chopin, Van Gogh, and an amazing pianist.

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Evie S.

Fun fact: For those who are wondering why is Chopin's music connected with Van Gogh's paintings it is because they were both born in the romantic era.


Yeah and both are impresionists

ArthurNS 🇪🇬

Thanks bro i was wondering this LOL

Aristide Cipriano


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