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Ever since I heard A Place in Heaven, Thomas Bergersen has been my favorite composers of music among his like-minded talented colleagues from Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine. I actually bought this album yesterday, never listening to it before buying it, and took out to work with me, and once this song came up ... I could only stand back and gap in awe at how incredible this song was. In all honesty, mere words cannot do this song justice. This affected me in such a way that since I had no oversight at my workplace, I danced. I don't dance, but I did when this song played. My worldly worries, concerns, and woes simply melted away and all I could do was laugh merrily and dance like a fool.

I cared not how absurd I looked, my soul was smitten, my mind flew to realities so wondrous and grand, and I am not ashamed that I danced. Once again Thomas delivers to me another grand piece of art I will carry in my heart till the day I die. 

All I can say Thomas, is thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. As thanks, I will share this music with my friends on social media, you damn sure deserve the free advertisement. I look forward to the next musical masterpiece you create to sweep me from this reality to a better place ^-^

Your humble and goofy fan,

Anon Boo Ta Mellon

Vladan Ugrica

Mr. Bergersen I have to thank you a lot. After a really stressfull day at work, some ugly argues with my parents, stress with friends and too much homework to really handle, I put up this playlist once more. Although I have heard all this masterpieces over 20x (have found you too late) I still feel like @Catalistic but for the finally it just calms not just my nerves, but my whole being. Soul,Body, everything.

I feel extremely sorry that I found your music so late. But I am gratefull and somehow honored to be one more small fan who can look up to you. You and your work are indescribable for me and I am really happy to have found two steps from hell and you.

to overkill the comment:" Your Work is Heavens gift and my feelings towards this are hellishly weird."

Long storry short:


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I'm not entirely sure why, but many of the songs in this album bring to mind the human race--always changing, always learning, always speeding ahead towards the future that they just can't wait to reach. And always looking back.

As if it's thousands and thousands of years of history welling up in a swirling harmony of notes. How does Thomas Bergerson do it?

Ashtar Harranah

Avec Amour Ashtar Harranah 🌙

RaYzOr rAyZoR

I just want to comment on what you said about the human race ,
I always taught my kids that life is always changing and you simply have to adapt and carry on ,
The way you classified the Human Race was sooo spot on I commend you and I shall repeat your words to my now grown up kids .
Take Care . R .


I don't know why but I'm wondering are you guys in the comments still alive I can't help but feel nostalgia every time I look at the comments and see that 5 years or more have already pass I feel like some thing is broken

Doomcaliber Imperion

You're the Doctor... You should know it


I mean... aboriginals and sub saharans hadn't much changed in millenia until Europeans found them, gave them civilization... ;)

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P Ritoranta

Thomas isn't a mere musician. He is a magician. The greatest wizard of our time.

Saloni Verma

He is 💥💥💥


He is!!!

hard workin patriot

He breathes God's beauty into this world through his music. I pray that one day he can find the one who gave him this beautiful incredible gift

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