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On Sight
Kanye West Lyrics

Yeezy season approaching
Fuck whatever y'all been hearing
Fuck what, fuck whatever y'all been wearing
A monster about to come alive again
Soon as I pull up and park the Benz
We get this bitch shaking like Parkinsons
Take my number and lock it in
Indian hair, no moccasins
It's too many hoes in this house of sin
Real nigga back in the house again
Black Timbs all on your couch again
Black dick all in your spouse again
And I know she like chocolate men
She got more niggas off than Cochran, huh?

On sight, on sight

How much do I not give a fuck?
Let me show you right now before you give it up
How much do I not give a fuck?
Let me show you right now before you give it up

He'll give us what we need
It may not be what we want

Baby girl tryna get a nut
And her girl tryna give it up
Chopped em both down
Don't judge 'em, Joe Brown
One last announcement
No sports bra, let's keep it bouncing
Everybody wanna live at the top of the mountain
Took her to the 'Bleau, she tried to sip the fountain
That when David Grutman kicked her out
But I got her back in and put my dick in her mouth

On sight, on sight

Right now, I need right now
Right now, I need, I need right now
Right now, I need, I need right now

Lyrics © Ultra Tunes, Universal Music Publishing Group, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, THE ADMINISTRATION MP INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING, Songtrust Ave, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Cydel Charles Young, Malik Yusef El Shabbaz Jones, Thomas Bangalter, Keith Carter Sr., Guy Manuel Homem Christo, Michael G. Dean, Elon Rutberg, Che Smith, Derek Roy Watkins, Kanye Omari West

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Pork 1.0

Imagine this being someone first Kanye song

young o

Some day... that will happen😂😂

Reagan Lundy

It’s actually is🌝

Eric Gabriel Bautista Jaimes

Así es toda la música que este tipo compone?

Ape Swagger

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Ape Swagger

@Astrodex letting opinions get in the way of artist and music. Wow that’s a new low.

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