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All Pro
by Esham

I got much love for the gangsters and the thugs,
and all my little pretty bitches giving me hugs,
make it do what it do,
then i did what it does,
the sterio was bumping
playing was not was,
but im ready for the world,
but this aint ohh Sheila,
i stumble to my boot,
cos i was drunk off the tequila,
Man you dont want to see us,
getting dough like pizzerias,
if thats the case,
i got to burn your ass like Gonorrhea,
be a man,
take a stand,
take your losses,
aint the plan,
im connected with the bosses,
all across this fucking land,
grand slam, not the breakfast,
a iced out necklace,
and get your head chopped off in Detroit,
for being reckless,
like what they done to me,
these niggers hungry,
only fashion youll see,
is Dickies or some Duggerys,
maybe army fatigues,
cos my citys under seige
by the CIA, the FBI and crooked police. i rock shows
i get hoes
selling out my logo
im all pro

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