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Rito Village
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I don't know how underrated this song is, but I also know Nintendo put a lot of work into the music for this village only.
There are technically 8 versions (or six if you count better)
There is day and night (no extra) (2)
There is day and night sister birds (4)
There is day and night Kass (6)
And finally there is day and night Kass with sister birds (8)
So if I did my math right and I include real themes, Nintendo had to make 8 DIFFERENT songs only for Rito village.
(Yes I do know they probably overlapped the songs, but still, 6 different songs WOW)
Edit: listened to the song and I fixed some things

All comments from YouTube:


all i can hear is the mom yelling "OOOIIIIIIIII"

Mia Stevens

so true tho


@Romin N same



Shattered Dreams

I was chilling around the shrine, waiting for the master sword to charge up and all I hear "Oiiiiiiiiiiii!!!"

Romin N

^ GOD, that got so annoying after a while, lol..

Made me solve that side quest REAL quick so she’d shut the hell up. 🤣

Kat M

when i first heard this song, the dragon roost theme took me by surprise and the nostalgia bomb went off

Xavier Plamondon

The nostalgia hit for me a day I've never even played Windwaker

Jacob Groves

Dude I legit had to stop playing and just sit there and listen

Mitchell B

I got the version of the game with the CD, so I was listening to the CD one day while in the drive thru after school, and I hadn’t gotten to Rito village yet in the game, so when I heard this, I was like, oh this is pretty, and then the Dragon Roost chorus played and I was like ?!?!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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