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It Never Entered My Mind
by Miles Davis Quintet

Once I laughed when I heard you saying
That I'd be playing solitaire
Uneasy in my easy chair
It never entered my mind

And once you told me I was mistaken
That I'd awaken with the sun
And ordered orange juice for one
It never entered my mind

You had what I lack, myself
Now I even have to scratch my back myself

Once you warned me that if you scorned me,
I'd say the maiden's prayer again
And wish that you were there again
To get into my hair again
It never entered my mind

It never entered my mind


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I first heard this song years ago and instantly had a deep connection with it, but couldn't understand why. Years later, I met someone whom I fell in love in a way that I didn't know I was capable. I didn't know there is such a thing as sense of abandonment, that you're willing to take yourself off the pedestal, know that not everything is about yourself, and able to love someone else as if they are you. Unfortunately, we didn't stay together. I was young and certainly lacked the art of managing a love relationship. When I hear "it never entered my mind", I think to myself so many moments that my younger self didn't know, and the things that never entered my mind when I was young. So unbelievable is music, that within it, it describes feelings that can't be put into words. Regretful, yet never regret meeting him. Hopeful, yet knowing we likely won't be together in the future. Sad, yet appreciate my existence in this world, grateful that if it weren't for him, I would never have known love.


@J W the same goes for friendship. you don't stop caring about your friends because you no longer see them.


@magajazzfan Lee Muito obrigado! It was painful, but I have grown tremendously from that experience. I hated the pain and sadness at the time, but now I'm grateful for them. When pain and suffering come into people's lives, there is no need to run away. It hurts at the moment, but you always learn something so profound from it. A lotus flower blossoms from muddy ponds, so can the mind blossom from pain and suffering.


​@Sophrosynicle Very true. You wouldn't know what true love is until they say "I don't want to be with you", yet you still love them. Then you realize "to love" is a quality you're capable of having, it doesn't actually require the other person to be there.

Da Homlez808

In my case I met love firs,t and then understand the meaning of this song, this so blue, the warmest feeling...

Carl Bowles

Regrets suck but are our teacher. I say and live, don't do it again.
We can do better if we try 😉🌅😇✝️💖💝🌞🙏.

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Jumbo Jango

Sounds like a couple in a bar realizing that, as much as they love eachother, it's not going to work


That's better than my comment.


@Joko Bodo Song was being played in an episode of Better Call Saul too

Joko Bodo

@Cal Davis runaway bride too

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