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Marilyn My Bitterness
by Crüxshadows

I don't understand how you've done
These things to me
I cannot comprehend your lack
Of loyalty
For you I would have shaken down the
Heavens from the sky
But it seems my love was stronger than
This love of yours that died

Did you think it wouldn't hurt?
Did you think I wouldn't feel
When the world came falling down?
Or maybe you didn't think at all
And that's why I feel what I feel now
Did you think I wouldn't fall?
Did you think I wouldn't cry?
Did you think I wouldn't beg you to stay?
One of these days you'll realize
Just what you've thrown away

now I lie here in this empty bed
And all I think about is you
And I wonder if you miss me now
And if your bed is empty too


Marilyn, my bitterness
I've fallen to a stranger nightmare
Marilyn, oh Marilyn
I cannot... find my way/ break away

I'll absorb this agony
I'll carry all this pain
I'll wipe away this emptiness
I'll purify this stain
My wings will fold around me now
For once a one was two
And my memory is a monument
That will always stand for you



now must I go away?


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