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So What
Miles Davis Lyrics


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After the intro
Bass: hey guys i have to tell you something
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: Come on guys please let me share it
The rest of instruments: Sooo what
Bass: guys is not funny when you do that
The rest of instruments: Sooo what

Damn i love/miss the good music....

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When I was about 15, my guitar teacher told me that Miles' solo on this track was everything a jazz solo should be. Now, 40 years later, after 1000s of hours practice, and teaching, gigging, listening, I agree.


Your guitar teacher is correct.


the 10.000 hour rule


Hardtop Harry Piano solo on David Bowie's song Aladdin Sane.


Hardtop Harry Lol I'm 15 and I was told to go listen to Miles's solo because it was the quintessential jazz solo. By a guitar teacher. Yesterday. What a coincidence


Hardtop Harry 8b

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"I don't often take smoke breaks, but when I do them, I do them in the middle of the coolest song ever."--Miles


U had a break, So What, next time Take Five.


The Matrix has you…

Follow the white rabbit 🐇


reads this while enjoying my J

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