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Take Five
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Lyrics


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Mitchell Henry McCarsky

So, famously, Dave Brubeck said that the group never intended for this song to be as famous as it became. Paul Desmond had a lick he wanted to play around with, and they used the opportunity to give Joe Morello an overdue drum solo.

So, Dave and Eugene kinda took a backseat while Paul did his thing, and then Joe got his solo.

But Joe could have gone nuts here. This is the era of Buddy Rich and Art Blakey. Drum solos were marked by how fast and how hard you can bash everything.

For one of jazz's most influential groups, in the group's most famous song- a jazz standard and by extention, arguably one of the most famous drum solos in jazz- Joe Morello's solo was so simple, a middle schooler on a PlayTek My First Kit could play it.

Joe could have gone nuts. He could have gone ferral for three minutes Whiplash-style. The team gave him a blank check to flex.

He didn't. He decided to just... he just vibed out, man.

They say jazz is about the notes you don't play. In that case, this is the greatest jazz drum solo of all time.

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Most people may not realize it, but for most of the song the saxophonist is playing incredibly quietly. It takes great skill to be able to play with a full, round tone at those volumes. It is so quiet on the sax track that you can hear the keys clicking and his fingers touching the brass sax.


@Nico T thank you for letting me know that he wasn't the sax guy

the Liar

@beter Made me exhale CO2.

Susie Q

@Robadobflob what does deaf and stupid have in common? Enough with the name calling, what's wrong with you?

John Sailors

How tf is this the first time I’ve heard this joke about this song…

Rover Waters

nah it's just good recording techniques

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This is what drinking water at night sounds like


and you're leaning against the fridge and staring around the house with a single solitary light on.


@VERA MON sure


Can we be friends?

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