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Fantaisie pour piano et orchestre: II. Lento e molto espressivo
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christian Vennemann

The closest we'll ever get to a Debussy Piano Concerto. 😩😩

Matteo Generani

@RSR, Train And Classical Music Fan yes, true, but what I meant was that, concerning its form, Pour le Piano, resembles a Sonata, with its three parts fast-slow-fast division

RSR, Train And Classical Music Fan

@Matteo Generani It is a piano suite.


This is literally a concerto though, and in 3 movements

Christopher Robertson

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck should we call it a peacock?


If only he had written more concertos in his life. I’m in love with Debussy’s style.

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Macchu Picchu

Was not aware that this music existed. Thank you for bringing this piece (and many others!) to my attention, George :D


Debussy has been (for many years) and will always be my favorite composer and this is the first time I'm hearing of this piece. I always wished that Debussy wrote piano concertos and this is the closest thing we'll have to a piano concerto by Debussy.


5:36! Oh my god! The most amazing chord progression I’ve ever heard!

Grzegorz Pieniek

I love the moment at 13:38. It's like being in a magical garden at night during summer

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