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🎶Who might you be?🎶
🎶You look good enough to eat...🎶

🎶I am the Dragon of The Grid.🎶
🎶Whoever crosses my path,🎶
🎶Wishes that they never did!🎶

🎶Tell me now and tell me here...🎶
🎶Do the whispers of me, give you nightmares?🎶
🎶Does it make you shake and does it make you scream?🎶
🎶Like the way it should be?🎶

🎶Doesn't matter now!🎶
🎶You're what the fuss is all about!🎶
🎶You're the patient, I'm the surgeon!🎶
🎶I'm the chef, this is the kitchen!🎶

🎶I am Rinzler, The Dragon of The Grid!🎶
🎶And I will make you wish you were dead!🎶
🎶The crowd shouts my name!🎶
🎶Killing bit-brains like you is my favorite game!🎶

🎶I am Rinzler, The one who will put you in your grave!🎵
🎶I'll make sure that this is your worst day!🎶

🎶And I know this is gonna be🎶

🎶And I know this is gonna be🎶
🎶LOTS AND LOTS OF FU...🎶 Huh?! Wait...

[Rinzler takes notice of a cut on Sam's arm. A single drop of blood falls from it and drips onto the ground]

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Fernando Luciano Acosta Solís

Rinzler revealing his double weapon it's the tron equivalent of Darth maul double blade reveal in phantom menace

Adrianne Spring

Word. 😎

Loren Helgeson

"Oh, come on! Is that even legal?"

Fernando Luciano Acosta Solís

The same goes for Zuse Bar there's a double blade saber reveal as soon as the song Derezzed starts but doesn't have the same impact as rinzler in disc wars

GalaxyGryphon 123

I've never actually thought of that!


Never thought of that.
That's accurate as hyuk.

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“Is that even legal?”

John Packham

; - ;


Daft punk really executed the music in Tron Legacy perfectly


@Vikas V maybe god-like

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