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🎶Who might you be?🎶
🎶You look good enough to eat...🎶

🎶I am the Dragon of The Grid.🎶
🎶Whoever crosses my path,🎶
🎶Wishes that they never did!🎶

🎶Tell me now and tell me here...🎶
🎶Do the whispers of me, give you nightmares?🎶
🎶Does it make you shake and does it make you scream?🎶
🎶Like the way it should be?🎶

🎶Doesn't matter now!🎶
🎶You're what the fuss is all about!🎶
🎶You're the patient, I'm the surgeon!🎶
🎶I'm the chef, this is the kitchen!🎶

🎶I am Rinzler, The Dragon of The Grid!🎶
🎶And I will make you wish you were dead!🎶
🎶The crowd shouts my name!🎶
🎶Killing bit-brains like you is my favorite game!🎶

🎶I am Rinzler, The one who will put you in your grave!🎵
🎶I'll make sure that this is your worst day!🎶

🎶And I know this is gonna be🎶

🎶And I know this is gonna be🎶
🎶LOTS AND LOTS OF FU...🎶 Huh?! Wait...

[Rinzler takes notice of a cut on Sam's arm. A single drop of blood falls from it and drips onto the ground]

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Fernando Luciano Acosta Solís

Rinzler revealing his double weapon it's the tron equivalent of Darth maul bouble blade reveal in phantom menace

Thomas's Things

@Bilal S. accurate

Bilal S.



“Is that even legal?”

Commander Jason

Sam Flynn: Beats all other combatants in the Arena
Also Sam Flynn: Why do I hear boss music from Daft Punk?
Rinzler: You done f##ked up, boi.

magic mooney


Filip Bergström



"Combatant 3 vs rinzler"


"why do I feel like I just got dunked on?"


"Aw, come on. Is that even legal?"

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