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Symphony No. 2: III. Allegretto grazioso
Johannes Brahms Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Johannes Brahms:

Die Mainacht Wann der silberne Mond durch die Gesträuche blinkt, Und sein…
Lullaby Guten Abend, gut' Nacht, Mit Rosen bedacht, Mit Näglein be…
Wiegenlied Guten Abend, gut' Nacht, Mit Rosen bedacht, Mit Näglein be…

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Comments from YouTube:

John Leung

This movement, together with the 3rd movement of Brahms's 1st symphony, always reminds me of my childhood.


By far my favorite movement of the symphony

Tom Rockhill

I actually think this is one example of Brahms staying away from the theme too long. I appreciate the development but the theme is so beautiful he needs to stick with it longer as he does with the 3d in the 3d Symphony.


Ahhh I love it!!!!!!

Eric Ashcroft

A visit to the Austrian Alps,(If they're not Pastoral,What is ?) Elation Joy ,Health,Vigour & happiness,sprightly joy just sings out here there & everywhere. I played 2nd fiddle in B'ham Philharmonic exactly 30 years ago,& we played this Symph' a few times. It was evident to all players,the mood of the writing,inspires the Orch' to just create exactly how it sounds. An inspiring piece for both Orchestra & Audience alike. A Gem !!*****

Josh Sohn

Just so you know, the 3rd movement is typically a Minuet or Trio form.  This movement in the Brahms second symphony follows just that as opposed to the description that says: "this movement breaks away from the typical sonata form."  


On the other hand, this is by no means a simple Minuet and Trio.


@lau399 Oh, I see. Thanks!


you didn't get the point of my question, besides I wasn't asking it to you so it doesn't concern you


Where did you get the info that you included? I checked and the analysis you added here is not on wikipedia

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