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Dunya Salam
Baaba Maal Lyrics

إِذا المَرءُ لا يَرعاكَ إِلّا تَكَلُّفاً
فَدَعهُ وَلا تُكثِر عَلَيهِ التَأَسُّفا
فَفِي النَّاسِ أبْدَالٌ وَفي التَّرْكِ رَاحة ٌ
وفي القلبِ صبرٌ للحبيب ولو جفا
فَمَا كُلُّ مَنْ تَهْوَاهُ يَهْوَاكَ قلبهُ
وَلا كلُّ مَنْ صَافَيْتَه لَكَ قَدْ صَفَا
إذا لم يكن صفو الوداد طبيعة ً
فلا خيرَ في وردٍ يجيءُ تكلُّفا
ولا خيرَ في خلٍّ يخونُ خليلهُ
ويلقاهُ من بعدِ المودَّة ِ بالجفا
وَيُنْكِرُ عَيْشاً قَدْ تَقَادَمَ عَهْدُهُ
وَيُظْهِرُ سِرًّا كان بِالأَمْسِ قَدْ خَفَا
سَلامٌ عَلَى الدُّنْيَا إذا لَمْ يَكُنْ بِهَا
صَدِيقٌ صَدُوقٌ صَادِقُ الوَعْدِ مُنْصِفَا

Writer(s): James David Catto, Duncan Philip Bridgeman, Baaba Maal

Contributed by Nora J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Just finished watching the film Mooz lums on YouTube. Had to know more about this particular prayer that is in the form of song and the artist, it's so beautifully uplifting praising Allah!

zakiah williams

I'm not Muslim but I do serve Allah and the first time I heard this song I felt his presence so powerful that it brought tears to my eyes and I had to worship TMH.

Pinky Malimabe

We all felt it

Feminine Divine

Same happened to me.

Deena Manasseh

In a summary...he is singing praises to Allah, sending salutations of peace on the Prophet Mohammed and asking Allah to bless Mecca and Medina (Mecca and Medina being two of the three holy sites in Islam). "Mohammed Rasullahi salallahu alayhi wa salam" - translates...Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him.

Inggrid Christy

Thank you so much for translating. I've been wondering what this beautiful song means ❤️

إمرأه شرسه💪👏


James GATZ

@Raghav Sharma Somalian

Deena Manasseh

Arabic@Raghav Sharma

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