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The Mouth Of Sauron
by Howard Shore

Caedo, losto. Ú-erin davo.
Amman harthach? Anim únad.
Le tûg nach. O hon ú-wannathon.
Ú-moe le anno nad. Ónen a hon beth nín.
Gurth han ristatha. Ta han narcho Gurth.

[translation: Lie down, sleep. I cannot yield.
Why do you still hope? I have nothing else.
You are a fool. I will not leave him.
You owe him nothing. I gave him my word.
Death will break it. Then let Death break it.]

Gar vethed e-chúnen.
Go hon bedithon na meth.

[translation: He has the last of my heart.
I will go with him to the end.]

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