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Jaws of Life
John Petrucci Lyrics

Acid Drinkers
Menel Song / Always Look On The Bride Side Of Life

[Ilde / Altman]

Contributed by Logan B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Bruh... When he opens up that intro riff with the power chords... Holy shit. Just a fucking wall of gain. Love that Boogie tone.

Mayoorann Jayamohan

@Wiggy00 He means Mesa Boogie, the amp that John uses mostly.


What do you mean by boogie tone

Jos Net

f** yes!!

Robby Herbert

Tips for playing this song: 1: buy a 7-string if u don't own one. 2: spend countless hours looking for an accurate tab 3: give up when u get to 3:31

Thiago Souza

I have the music book for this entire album. Hit me up on instagram or Facebook anyone interested. Thiago Alves Souza or Triple_threat_wolf

Gravity Dragon

3:31 is mad easy yo.

Dillon Gomez

Tips to this is rob Wes Borland

Fabian Koch

i love part 3 :D

Fabian Koch

nice one ;)

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