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B. Fleischmann Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

David G

this song perfectly describes that mood when you're feeling lost, happy, depressed and relaxed all at the same time


Spot on.

Ian S

I find it as the soundtrack to the moment where you're mentally at your breaking point, but you need to keep going in order to achieve what you've been working towards. This song has walked me through many of these moments.


which leads itself to it's perfect title

Mike G



+David G Never in an instant have a feel such sadness and relief at the same time as with this song, and you nailed that in words.

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Gene Saunders

10 Years later I still Listen to this song everyday

Andrew Hart

I'll say it again... Been listening to this song for years now. Really impressed with the timelessness of your music

Dave Martin

Good music is sometimes hard to come by. This is a gem.


I love reading comments on older videos like this. It’s a trip that even though it’s a few years later we still have the same feelings.

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