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Baby Blue
Badfinger Lyrics

Guess I got what I deserve
Kept you waiting there, too long my love
All that time, without a word
Didn't know you'd think, that I'd forget, or I'd regret
The special love I have for you, my baby blue

All the days became so long
Did you really think, I'd do you wrong
Dixie, when I let you go
Thought you'd realize, that I would know, I would show
The special love I have for you, my baby blue

What can I do, what can I say
Except that I want you by my side
How can I show, you, show me a way
Don't you know, the times I tried
Guess that's all I have to say

Except the feeling just gets stronger, everyday
Just one thing, before I go

Take good care, baby, let me know, let it grow
The special love, you have for me, my dixie dear


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Avenger Nemesis

El fuelte..
As i wrote previously..
Those words haunt me...
I actually did this to someone i loved very
much and i still do..
I married and had children- which in a way traumatised both of us.
He waited many years later to marry someone with the same name as me..
Take care and stay safe


We did it Patrick! We now run Bikini Bottom!

You said we were going to legitimize this city. What have you become, Spongebob?

*bang* bang*

This is the Police. Come out with your hands right now.

Go run Patrick. This isn’t your fight.

Well I’m sorry Spongebob, but I made a promise!

Alright then, let’s show them what a pair of goofy goobers can do.


*cue music*


Walt: "The money Skyler, where is the rest? SKYLER? WHERE IS THE MONEY?"
Skyler: "I gave it to ted"
Walt: "what?.... you did what?"
Skyler: "Walt I- I had to... for us for the family, I swear. Walt"
Walt: "You gave our money to beneke?"
Skyler: " Walt... please please just hear me out please"
Walt: screams
Walt: crying turns into laughter
Skyler: "Walt?"
(this is the moment Walt truly lost his fucking mind)


"We did it Patrick! After all these years, we run bakini bottom."

"Yout told me we would legitimize this city! What have you become spongebob?"

"This is the police. We know you're in there squarepants, come out with your hands up."

"It's too late for me. Get out of here Patrick! this isn't your fight."

"Im sorry spongebob, but i made a promise."

"Well in that case, lets show them what a couple of goofy goobers can do!"

"Good god!"

"Im readdyyyyy!!!!"

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The Eye of Ra

This comment section:
0.9% Badfinger & 70s nostalgia
99.1% Pure


@BenSedgwickFilms this is even dumber than stuff I've read posted by Flat Earthers and Trump voters

SkratcheR's other worse channel

@BenSedgwickFilms basic maths bro. 0.09 + 99.1 = 99.19

Scott Jefferson

@John Redcornholio yeah, bad finger unfortunately has a horrible story thanks to their shitty manager (hope that fuker burns in hell for what he did). But at least their amazing music lives on and is cherised on such a masterpiece as breaking bad.

Higgs Boson

@BenSedgwickFilms LOL wut?

Pants “Pantaloon” Johnson

@BenSedgwickFilms did you see the percent sign bud

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Edp445 probably in his apartment while the cops are coming to arrest him while this song is playing in the background.

Nikolai Navarro

He aint going to prison sadly :(


Just like the show, his channel was good while it lasted

Almighty Loaf

Ew, I see no comparison with this great song with that man.

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