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Miles Davis Lyrics

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Jason N Stegall

According to jazz "legend & lore", Miles, Wayne (who composed this tune), Herbie, Ron & Tony were rehearsing in the studio and almost 'by accident' realized that having Tony (and to a lesser extent, Herbie) solo while Miles, Wayne & Ron played the melody & rhythm was the only real way this particular tune could really be performed. [Also tried this idea on an early take of Pinocchio, not coincidentally also written by Wayne.] Oh, and by "solo" I mean that Tony would, in a way, "compose" his drum part around the melody that Wayne himself composed and that Miles & Wayne played together in unison.

Kendall K

Now knowing that, I tend to pay particular attention to Tony and Herbie, and it changes the listening experience a little for me. Thanks.

Willie Brown

Wayne Shorter is so amazing playing the sax.


Drummer sets it..and nails it..genius percussion saint! Aagghhhhh

H. Glennwade Holloway

THE greatest Bop Combo ever. Man life is worth living!! This swings so hard I am...going to jump out of my skin.

Better Call Brunowski

Teo Macero: how many times are you and Wayne going to repeat the head?
Miles: yes

Alex VanBergeijk

I read somewhere that they had done a great take before this one (with some stellar soloing) only to discover that the tape hadn’t been rolling. They were all really bummed out ‘cause they had to re-do the song, and it kind of shows in the performance. Even so, it’s still perfect IMO!

Michael D. Nichols

Great-ness such control not to break away ......notes only needed are played.


Can I say how much I love grilled cheese sandwiches?

Pete Hill

Colaiuta's most inpirational album.

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