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by daoko

触れたら崩壊 仮想の世界
ずっと待ってた 身体甘くして

さみしいかみさま あたしのこといってんの
さみしくなんかない さみしいとか考えない

ねえ きみの生まれた世界は きみの過ごしてる味は
甘い 辛い しょっぱい 苦い それとも 酸っぱいの?
どれくらいの愛情を この世界に向けてんの?
影 嘘くさいな 仮面舞踏会みたい

ぐるぐるぐるぐるぐるぐる まわる
すぐすぐすぐすぐすぐすぐ 空いちゃう
ぽっかり空いた穴から 甘い 淡い 痛い 溢れる

触れたら崩壊 仮想の世界
ずっと待ってた 身体甘くして
月の裏側から ah

I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 あいたいな
I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 あいたいな

あたたかい 水のなか
弾ける気泡 ニンゲンのよう

触れたら崩壊 仮想の世界

触れたら崩壊 妄想の果て
ほんとはあたしが 一番脆いの

I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 しりたい
I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 あいして
I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 アイがなくちゃ

触れたら崩壊 妄想の果て
ほらみて触れて 何か感じて

触れたら崩壊 妄想の果て

I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 しりたい
I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 あいして
I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 アイがなくちゃ

Written by: Daoko, Hideya Kojima

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Comments from YouTube:

Martina Frias

I like how I can't find the original video anymore


the original is stI'll on YouTube, but it's uploaded by other YouTube's. I guess it's not exactly the original but close enougj


oh it's there, but now it's so quiet you have to use headphones

CeeCee Neves

Martina Frias Actually I think the original is still on YouTube.

Armando DABR

@Gemini Star no is not ._.

And then they said

This is just as good, though.

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no more no you

i have two endings for this
1: Tik Tok will ruin this
2: It will live happily

Giorno Giovanna

my opinion: this is the same girl as the me!me!me! video, but it seems she is dissatisfied with living as a fantasy to be watched. she cannot be loved by the boy on the other side of the screen, and while he looks at her, she looks to his girlfriend like "she has that thing that i keep dreaming about". maybe blue girl doesn't know what love is or cannot feel, but how could she not, when her world is so colorful and full of life? that might be what she is thinking. the real world is ugly and grey, and people seem so colorless and heartless. that love would exist there and not in her beautiful world is paradoxical and cruel. so blue girl goes through the motions, mimicking beauty and love and deigning it to everything around her like a god of some sort. but look in her eyes--she knows. and when she sees pink girl, it makes blue girl snap, in the original video screaming "i love you" over and over. It's what she wants, not how she feels. i think she knows that she does not know what love is and that it is breaking her.

i think this video is very sad. she's a dream girl made perfectly to be loved, sexualized, and fantasized about. but she is cursed to be trapped behind that screen forever, in her fantasy world forever, settling for mimicking love with only shapes and mirages because in her world, it simply isn't there.

greggory ulberg

I used to think that the nudity killed the message and wasn't artistic but was used to bait horny pre-teens, but I just realized I was wrong. The girl in this is the same as the one in me!me!me! which was all about the internet and sexual depictions ruining this one guy's life.

Alexis Alexander

Dafuq, is this a hentai?? Sounds like the plot to one .-.

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