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Una Mattina
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics


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Adva Hary

dear Ludovico, you saved my life. I used to listen to your tracks when I was in hospital, crying all night and full of anxiety and loneliness. Your music was always there to speck for me, and still is. and for many other friends of mine who are dealing with mental issues. Thank you.

Giulia Favaccio

@Anny Karolyne you are right ! I do the same ! Please anny...write to me if you read musica message

Giulia Favaccio

Ciao Adva i hope you are well.

harshitha angela

I don't know who you are my dear friend , but I hope and wish that you would have get well by now, your words had touched my heart, never lose your hope is too precious , not all will get the second changes but I hope for you one....

Pe Unt

I was in the hospital too. Very alone. But me helped "Joe Bonamassa". He make also soulfull music 💥🎶🎼


Stop social media is best cure for that. Younger people tend to have anxiety for things one can only imagine

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Damyan Stoyanov

Because of his music I bought a digital piano and now i am able to play Una Mattina, Nivole Bianche, Fly and Divenire! Thank you Ludovico!

Cassandra Bell


Mary Jozwiak

Good for you great for you

Sabrina Van Haaren

I have never really enjoyed listing to piano music or any other form of classical music for that matter. One day I was visiting an friend while going true some hard times. I felt lost, like no one saw how hard I was trying to keep it all together. No one noticed the struggle I was in, and how my heart ached. So when I was visiting my friend played Una Matina right the moment I walked in en it immediately filled my eyes with tears. It felt like the universe was reaching out to me, telling me I didn't had to do it all by myself, I felt an energie supporting me and it let me see the beautiful friends I had and that they where there for me all I had to do was asking for their support. That day I cried so may tears I thought they would never stop. I told my friend about my struggles and especially the ones that where inside my head, I told him I was so afraid of the dark because I never knew if I was able to find my way back to the light. Although it already was a good friendship sharing our stories that night made such an strong (soul) connection that will never been broken again. So every time I hear Ludovico since it brings me back to that moment, reminds me how far I have come and the love I have shared ever since...

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