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Anders Manga Lyrics

I love your apple
I know your shape
and what you're for
My solitary
Is down below your shaded warmth
You see right through me
Do you know what I'm thinking?

Is it pain is it love
That keeps us growing stronger than anyone
Am I just an amazing freak of nature tired of going on?
I found I am unlike you
I found I am unlike you
been a stranger for the last time, in my room.

For what are you reaching
You're growing higher every year
Maybe for heaven
To take you away from us my dear
Is this theory absurd?
I know you will be staying right here

Contributed by Harper J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jina Gibson

I just had 4 apples. I'm fermenting😊

morbid consperacy

I know this feeling 😝😝😝

Velvet Mistress

My Summer as a Goth

Velvet Mistress

@Anders Manga it was delayed but go check it out they filmed it and even showed it at movie festivals in the Portland areas now were waiting to purchase it now

Velvet Mistress

@Anders Manga it's coming out this summer


Yes, I'm waiting...

Anders Manga

Oh yeah... is it any good? I know nothing about it. It was made ages ago and still isn't out haha

Kragg The Grimm

"Am I just an amazing freak of nature, tired of going on?" Love your work so much ma dude. Been an OA (original Anders) fan for a loooong time. Shattered to see YouTube shaft you. Please keep the tunes coming.

Arc Blackheart

Can't believe I was 17 when this came out

Morbid Freyja

Glad to see that your music is still on YouTube. 🖤🖤🖤

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