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Rhapsody in Blue
George Gershwin Lyrics

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Very Bratsche

0:52 Ritornello
3:59 Train
5:31 Shuffle
6:47 Stride
11:30 Love
16:24 Restatement of Stride
16:57 Restatement of Ritornello

I hope those timestamps are right (basic outlines obviously the themes don't appear in only one spot)

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The first record I bought as an 8 year old. 12 Inch 78 and had to be turned over to hear the complete Rhapsody. Paul Whiteman Orchestra with Gershwin on piano. I still have it, not a scratch on it. I am now 83.

Constant Reader

I didn't get my copy until I was 11. Recently visited a calliope museum in Michigan. They had a player piano with a tape made by Gershwin himself. It was both thrilling and eerie to watch the keys depress themselves under the ghostly touch of Gershwin, the best ghost I ever saw.

Frank K

@bcro I recollect playing, fairly relentlessly, a 10" of 'Rhapsody in Blue' in or around 1985 which advertised George Levant playing the piano with the B-side being 'An American in Paris'. I loved the record for its sharp yet comforting sound on a 1950's Pye Radiogram, which I also loved and which made everything sound well on vinyl or, indeed, shellac. The technology has gone well away from me but I can still hear the bell clarity of the recording in my mind even now. Suitably reminded by this recording and this thread. I hope you are well, enthused and vital even now. I know that you already have glorious music.

Nicolás Franchino

Greetings from Argentina (No sé mucho inglés).


@K Y Just occasionally but I do play it on my piano accordion


So you never played it?

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Lissy London

Somebody said "you can't mix classical and jazz it just isn't done..."
And George said :" hold my absinthe"

Jehanne Céline

@Reef Felicia; yes, me too !! It is awesome, Reef.

Ann John

Now I want Absinthe...LOL

waifu breaks

Miles Davis did it with Sketches of Spain

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