Will O' the Wisp
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I have it on good authority (from a sister old enough to have been there) that if you were in college between the time Elvis went into the Army and the Beatles hit America (1958-1964), and you aspired to a sort of "bohemian intellectuality," you put aside your Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Haley, and Connie Francis records, and you listened almost exclusively to Folk Music, most especially the Kingston Trio, the Chad Mitchell Trio, that new up-and-comer Bob Dylan, etc....
...and possibly a handful of records by Jazz artists, whether you were into Jazz or not.
Usually, that meant Dave Brubeck, or Miles Davis, or both.
(Lucky Columbia Records, to have them both on that label.)
If you owned only one Jazz LP, it was probably "Time Out," by Brubeck...
...or else it was one of three by Miles:
"Kinda Blue," "Jazz Track," or the one from which comes this hypnotic cut, "Sketches of Spain," featuring the brilliant orchestrations of Gil Evans.
This piece, and all the pieces on this LP, are almost "jazz concertos," in that they are all arrangements for soloist and orchestra...
...and as contemplative and melancholy as Miles' signature Harmon-muted sound can be in a small group ballad setting, evoking after-hours introspection...
...in this setting, that same timbre sounds almost passionately Iberian, evoking the fire of a gypsy violinist, or a flamenco guitarist.
(Imagine this on in the background in a dorm room or sorority house, as the soundtrack to a sophomoric-yet-earnest discussion of the work of Sartre, or Ferlinghetti... Marvelous.)

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gian paolo Puglisi

Sketches of Spain for me is one of the best album ever ! A lot of thanks


Arguably the greatest Jazz musician off all time!

Alf Ching

Well it was a big playing field there were others in fact loads as good if not better,Broaden your scope a bit more buddy

Reverb Twang


RTJ Artistry

Absolutely love this piece! Their take on this Manuel de Falla work of art is fascinating!


wrath of the math


search "jeru the damaja the wrath of the math" on youtube and you will know what i mean ;)


they found out what the will o the wisp was, it was just miles davis walking around old forbasher pond at night smoking reefer.

Reverb Twang

2:49 Measure 66

Cole Davis Music

does anyone hear Symphonie Fantastique's death march melody in the trumpet melody?  I love it!

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