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by Thomas Bergersen

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99% of the music out there today requires image or video to produce intensive amount of feelings! 1% of the music out there simply creates images in peoples minds! That 1% is called 2 Steps From Hell!

Brad Mihai

you have a pretty small universe :). But it';s ok, there is so much room to grow

Koen 27

@Peanut agent Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen are kind of the same thing

Matthew Colquhoun

It's a one-two punch right to the heart.

Peanut agent

LinkSoul2 wrong thomas music does the same


The sad part is that millions of people will die without ever hearing this music

Koen 27

:( Let's make sure as many people as possible will get a chance to hear it then

Angelo Lima

@sudipto bhadra hope mr bergersen comes to chicago

sudipto bhadra

Most underrated comment ever


It sucks that pop music singing about love and all that are overrated than stuff like this.. these type of music has somehing others don't. EMOTION.

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