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Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

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Ken West

One of my all time favorites! Try these:

TSFH - SidyanA/Lost in Las Vegas
Ivan torrent - Human Legacy/Awakening/Power of Wil
Mark petrie - Embolden
John Dreamer - Becoming a Legend
Valentin Wiest - Aurora
Future World Music - Time Keepers/Battle for Babylon
Micheal Mccann - Icarus

Update 2017:
James Everingham - Dimension
Von Lichten - Witness to History
Marcus Warner - Wings/Tale of Sea Dragons/If Elephants could Fly
Tony Anderson ft. James Everingham - Darkest Nnight
Movie Score "Sword of the Stranger - Ihojin no Na Yaiba
Christopher Tin - Sogno di Volare
Fran Soto - Zion's Glory
Artem Yegerov - Open your Mind
Zack Hemsey - Waiting between World's (Instrumental)

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How is it possible after 15 hrs of straight listening (yes that's what I said) I'm still getting goose bumps... This is a music masterpiece at its very best... BERGERSEN should be the most talked about composer world wide

Annabelle Hale

@Robert Hilton if you like this i would reccoment TSFH impossible

Angelo Lima

Your 10 billion percent right about that


this song is abnormal, i've heard this song so many times and still the feeling i get at 4:11 is indescribable

Miroslav Psheklyasa

I'm so glad there are people who like this music. I don't understand how people don't understand the beauty of such music. No real lyrics. No event. You just free your mind and imagine whatever. This raw power that lies within music... How is it posible to transfer so much by some simple soundwaves? How…

Lucas Argandoña

Ask a music expert.

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It sucks that pop music singing about love and all that are overrated than stuff like this.. these type of music has somehing others don't. EMOTION.

Altamas Parsanov

@doggonemess you're so right mate!

Chucho's World YT

@silas ndzewiyi I can see this comment being narrated in Morgan Freemans voice for some reason. "In time things will change...I....can see the changes coming"

Ivory Mantis

The only "love" pop culture references is Eros.

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