The Good Life
Hans Zimmer Lyrics

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Oh, the good life, full of fun,
Seems to be the ideal
Yes, the good life let's you hide
All the sadness you feel.

You won't really fall in love,
For you can't take the chance
So be honest with yourself,
Don't try to fake romance.

It's the good life
To be free and explore the unknown,
Like the heartaches
When you learn you must face them alone.

Please remember, I still love you,
And in case you don't know,

Well, just wake up,
Kiss the good life "hello".

Overall Meaning

In the first verse of "The Good Life," Hans Zimmer explores the concept of a seemingly perfect and enjoyable life. He describes it as being full of fun and presenting an idealized version of existence. However, there is an underlying theme of hidden sadness within this good life. It suggests that even those living a seemingly happy and fulfilled life may still experience moments of melancholy and distress.

The second verse delves deeper into the complexities of love and relationships. It suggests that those living the good life may avoid falling in love or forming deep emotional connections. This avoidance is motivated by a fear of vulnerability and the potential pain associated with it. The lyrics encourage individuals to be honest with themselves and not pretend to experience romance or affection when they do not genuinely feel it.

The chorus reinforces the idea of the good life, highlighting the freedom it provides. It allows individuals to explore the unknown and embrace new experiences. However, it also acknowledges the inevitable heartaches that come with this freedom. The realization that one must face these challenges alone adds depth and a sense of solitude to the notion of the good life.

The final lines of the song circle back to a declaration of love. Despite encouraging independence and self-honesty, there is a plea to remember that love exists. The line "please remember, I still love you" suggests that even within the pursuit of the good life, genuine love and affection should not be forgotten or disregarded. The song concludes by urging individuals to wake up and embrace the good life, symbolizing a call to appreciate and acknowledge the positives in life, including love and its importance.

Line by Line Meaning

Oh, the good life, full of fun
Oh, the enjoyable existence, filled with amusement

Seems to be the ideal
Appears to be the perfect way of living

Yes, the good life let's you hide
Indeed, the pleasant life allows you to conceal

All the sadness you feel
All the sorrow that dwells within

You won't really fall in love
You won't genuinely experience love

For you can't take the chance
Because you are unwilling to take the risk

So be honest with yourself
Therefore, be truthful to your own nature

Don't try to fake romance
Do not attempt to feign affection

It's the good life
This is what the enjoyable existence signifies

To be free and explore the unknown
To have freedom and delve into the unfamiliar

Like the heartaches
Similar to the emotional pain

When you learn you must face them alone
When you realize you have to confront them by yourself

Please remember, I still love you
Kindly remember, my affection for you remains

And in case you don't know
And in the event that you are unaware

Well, just wake up
Then, simply awaken

Kiss the good life 'hello'
Embrace the pleasant existence with enthusiasm

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Written by: Jack Reardon, Jean Broussolle, Alexandre Sacha Distel

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