Mitchell Torok Lyrics

Have you ever been down to Haiti
When the summer sun was sinkin' low
There's nothing but romance just everwhere you glance
And the native hearts are all aglow

But when the Cuban Queen comes upon the scene
They all stare like a statue out of stone
When they realize what's before their eyes
The other girls are left all alone
Down in the Caribbean it's not a dream you're seein'
When you get a glimpse of the lady with the charm
And from miles away you can see her sway
To the beat of the Cuban Conga line that forms

Up in a tree so high way up in the sky
Sits a wide eyed monkey on a limb
He wonders why the people go to so much trouble
Just to try to be like him

He doesn't understand that it's a lady's hand
That makes a heart feel so sublime
And before too long he starts singing the song
And then he gets in the Conga line

Columbus searched for spices but he missed the nicest
Part of the Caribbean
He didn't see the charms and the open arms
It was the gold that he was seein'

But I'm glad he missed the sweetest thing I've kissed
'Cause we're on our honeymoon
I'm so sorry Chris to talk about you like this
But you were five hundred years too soon

Down in the Caribbean...

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Comments from YouTube:


loved this record when i was young,lovely to here it now.thanks oldiesnow.

Elaine Evans

I love this song!

Blasius Turski

I'm a relative of Mitchell Torok. His father and my great-great grandfather were cousins! Greetings from Hungary! B. Török

Stephen Bottom

This song was a favorite of young John Lennon.

Jon Yahraus

Plus Chuck Berry was inspired by the melody, and used it in "You Can Never Tell"

John Orr

I still have this as a 78 record. It belonged to my late father and I remember it well from my childhood.


One of my all time favorites,first heard it in1953, wanted to sing this in school concert with my quartet but was out voted for Oh My Papa by Eddie Fisher.I always remembered this song.

Alan Crompton

Bought this on a 78rpm in 1956, I was 21, it was a real foot tapper then and it
still is today. I’m now 84. Singer, words, tune brilliant.


I remember listening to this on the radio in NYC in 1959 when I was 8. Couldn’t remember the title but new the first line, which has the title in it. None of his other songs made it onto any radio station in NYC, so we thought he was a one hit wonder. In 2021: I’ll be 70:Aug. 3rd.


Wow, I never thought I would find this song. My late dad loved it and always sang it. Then again he was a merchant seaman and always in the caribbean. Thanks for this.

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