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Adagio For Strings
Samuel Barber Lyrics

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Michael Makinney

@mike mars Every Director, along w his music director, decides what music should accompany different scenes. The selection of Barber’s monumental piece is Perfect-.

When Sheen’s squad leader, played by William DaFoe— a good man and soldier—, is running for the helicopter and get riddled w gunfire and is left behind, this piece highlights the loss.

People associate this piece with that scene, because it was/ is such a perfect choice.

God is good, even in His overarching awareness and dealings w men, often not very good or honorable. Barber himself acknowledged as much by alternately calling this piece Agnes Dei.

Have a good night ✨

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A minute of silence for the people who tried to search for this song but had no idea what they should type so they never found it

Damian Soppe

@Alexandre Andrade a


google "that sad violin thing you hear on TV" and it will be included in one of the first few listicles.


I searched up “music from Shutter Island”

kave mustermann

I actually found it once and forgot again XD but I found it again by searching " sad classic music violin" lmao not even sure if it's a violin tho


As I forgot his last name, I literally typed "samuel strings symph..." and Youtube gave me "Samuel Barber Adagio for strings saxophone".

The algorithm may give strange results, but bless it anyway.

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John E Nelson

I lost my mother when I was 29 and I'm now 76 every time I listen to this I remember her arms around me. She is never far from me

Sassy Cat

@8Bit0carina I'm really sorry that happened :(

Sassy Cat

Sorry that happened :(

Ken Audette

A mother's love is timeless ❤️ my dear mother passed away in 2019. I miss her so much and will think of her everyday I'm on this earth 🙏💕

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