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String Quartet in B Flat Major Hob.III:44 : 4. Finale. Vivace
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Melvyn Elphee

The expected Haydn qualities of excellence, epigram, adventure, structure, direction, geniality, elegance (but with a strong peasant core) and creativity with a particularly fine slow movement. My 21st century ears needed a bit more weight in the first movement but I gradually adjusted to the thinner sounds and found the performance of the finale particularly delightful.

Gérard Begni

This quartet is perfect in its classical style.

A Chama da Vida

What a stunning adagio! It has a calm, yet tragic mood, fitting perfectly with the remainder of this gorgeous quartet. Haydn really knew how to impress a king!

A Chama da Vida

@Concerned One Lol, that's because the quartets were dedicated to king Frederick William II of Prussia.

Concerned One

Which country are you king of?

Melvyn Elphee

Here I am a year later and still delighted but wondering why so few people seem to be listening to Haydn Quartets these days.

robert frank gill

Oh we do listen, we just ignore the comments of people like like Mr Elphee.


In other words, modern music and modern people are degenerate.


Melvyn Elphee 'There is very little that is redeeming in human beings. Most of them are trash.' -Sigmund Freud


I like it very much.

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