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String Quartet in D Major Hob.III:79 : 1. Allegretto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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The lyrics are frequently found in the comments by searching or by filtering for lyric videos
Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Elaine Blackhurst

As this well-known Italian word (‘Bravo’ = ‘Well done’) has found it’s way into most languages today, it may be instructive to offer a little lesson to prevent its misuse, and offer a little respect to this most beautiful of languages.

Bravo = masculine singular
Bravi = masculine plural
Brava = feminine singular
Brave = feminine plural
(A mixed group follows the masculine plural).

The same pattern is followed if you want to say very well done which becomes bravissimo -issimi, -issima, -issime.

So in the case of these four female performers, it’s ‘Brave’, or ‘Bravissime’.

Hope that’s helpful to anyone passing by.

All comments from YouTube:

Estela Passaglia

Maravillosa interpretación. Calidad, virtuosismo, amor por la música. Una verdadera belleza! Felicitaciones! Desde La Plata, Buenos Aires, ARgentina


That second movement has always been a favorite.  Amazing. Every instrument played so well and very decent ensemble!

Chuck G Violin

The slow movement (marked "mesto") is one of the most beautiful things Haydn ever wrote. And in F# major to boot.

David Rosen

When they say the Mozart, Bach and Haydn, et al were channeling God when they composed, this one single movement is surely an example of the Glory of God's voice.

Jose Arias


Katherine Schutte

Absolutely outstanding playing! An incredible achievement, congratulations!

Michael S

That was Haydn! Such accomplished playing. Why has it taken me so long to find this!

sonia guterman

Wonderful playing, thank you so much, I hope you continue to generate so much joyful music forever.

R x

Pure pleasure.  The group was so attuned to the music.  Simply marvelous playing.  Bravo!


Marvelous performance with so much musicality. Yes Papa Haydn would be thrilled

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