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Roots And Beginnings
Howard Shore Lyrics

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text by J.R.R. TOLKIEN, translation by DAVID SALO

I tuo, i macil...
Astaldaron mauri.
Nai corma macilya
A lelyat túrenna!

(( The strength, the weapon...
The needs of the valiant.
Be the ring of your weapon
Go to victory! ))

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Howard Shore's song Roots And Beginnings are a translation of the Quenya language used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his novels, specifically in the scene where the character of Galadriel presents the Elf lord Celeborn with a ring. The lyrics describe the seductive power of the ring, which is portrayed as a source of strength and victory for the valiant who possess it. The name of the ring is not mentioned, but it is likely that it is the same ring that features prominently in the rest of Tolkien's Middle-earth stories.

The use of the Quenya language in the lyrics is significant because Tolkien created multiple constructed languages for his stories, which are highly detailed and complex. The fact that the Quenya language is used in the lyrics indicates Shore's attention to detail and his desire to capture the essence of Tolkien's world. The lyrics also reflect the epic and heroic tone of the Lord of the Rings series, which has been a major influence on popular culture.

Overall, the lyrics to Roots And Beginnings are a powerful tribute to Tolkien's work, capturing the essence of his mythology and the themes of heroism, power, and temptation that permeate his stories.

Line by Line Meaning

The strength, the weapon...
Taking into account the powerful nature of the ring as a weapon...

The needs of the valiant.
Acknowledging the ring's significance to those who are brave...

Be the ring of your weapon
Realizing that the ring can serve as one's tool for success...

Go to victory!
Encouraging the bearer of the ring to strive for triumph and prosperity...

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