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Roots And Beginnings
Howard Shore Lyrics

text by J.R.R. TOLKIEN, translation by DAVID SALO

I tuo, i macil...
Astaldaron mauri.
Nai corma macilya
A lelyat túrenna!

(( The strength, the weapon...
The needs of the valiant.
Be the ring of your weapon
Go to victory! ))

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Comments from YouTube:

Cassius Clay

“Because it’s my birthday, and I wants it.”
Deepest character in fiction.

Warzone beast

RIP Lewis

forgotten games

0:32 such a classic

CreepyCreep 333

I know right! That should be called the one rings theme


The best movie soundtrack ever

Proud heretic

skArpPT Hell yessss


Went to buy the physical edition online only to find out it costs £500 new! Need to put in some serious work to get this gem!


Totally worth it. the additional material is fantastic and will change the way you see the movie

Proud heretic

They were actually just re-released on Amazon for retail price, and all 3 are now available on iTunes for only $24.99 each! :D

Proud heretic

Chest The one for The Two Towers costs even more.. $1,300 on Amazon! Lucky for me tho, I got all 3 of the complete recordings in 2010 for Christmas! They're still in great shape today and I have the songs from them stored on on my iPod 😁 10 hours long! They're the most epic soundtracks of all time I love them ♡

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