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Major Cooking Success
若井淑 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Aren’t you a little young to face Calamity Ganon? Yes. Yes I am.


100+ is not young...

El Kanny

Aren't you a little young to face Calamity?


I feel like Link and Ferb would have some pretty interesting conversations if they ever met.


Link and lerb are trying to find out what to do today…

Haha nothing here



besides stalling until blood moon after blood moon

David Hilgendorf

Well, he is a Hylian. They don't say much.

Game Hero

Ferb : Soooo, what are you doing good these days?

Tu mamá es watona

@Ryan 12832 nice one, and your profile picture is the cherry on top

Ryan 12832

Yes they would talk about their mothers leaving them


Phineas & Ferb were the creators of the Divine Beasts

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