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Hateno Village
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Delet Dis

I love how the village is named Hateno, the lab is named Hateno, the fuckin beach is named Hateno and even the tower is named Hateno, but the whole thing is named Necluda

Josh Sim

Ahre Ahre haha yeah

Link Hylian

That's bcuz necluda is the region... (Which is quite large) and has hateno.. lurelin and kakariko as provinces


Not to mention Fort Hateno.


You may live in New York, but that doesn’t make it America

Amblard Quentin

In the french version of the game, the village is named "Village d'Elimith" which can be read like "Village des limites". It means village of the limits.
Same thing for the Tarrey town. In french it's name Village d'Euzero, which is like Village "from zero ". I love those puns and I find it sad that there isn't any wordplay like this in the english version. Or maybe there is for those village but i don't get it ^^'

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Never felt so welcome/comfy in a video game village ever

Donovan G

Have a roasted apple. Plentiful here.


Ordon Village?


Obito right answer.

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