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Kass: "Ancient Song"
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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This song makes me want to go outside, lay in the grass, and remember all the beautiful moments in botw.
Some like: (spoilers?)

The old man’s true identity
The memories of the champions
Pulling out the master sword
Getting into Hyrule castle
Watching all the champions fight against Ganon and help Link fight
Defeating calamity ganon
Hearing dark beast Ganon’s fight theme
Saving Zelda
And the ending, the king’s and the champion’s spirits watching over Zelda and Link
These little things in games make my heart warm and fuzzy 🥺
If I could replay this game for the first time once again, I would totally do it

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This is so good. You can even hear the live performer let go of the buttons.


@professional wild breather
Ya they could mix it out but decided to leave it in, i love that


Oh you can!

Alex Hodge

@Valxiya EX A fair chunk of it was, yes.

Valxiya EX

Was BOTW's ost recorded live?

Mario gaming Mario0318

I would have paid to see the performer play this song

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Le Purple boi :3

When you actually compare Kass to the other Rito, you realize he’s actually giant for a Rito


i mean macaws are big ass birds dude


I like how Kass makes the Main theme canonical.


I like that he plays multiple instruments at once

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