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Hyrule Castle: Ganon's Roar
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I reversed this in a reverse music player and noticed something that blew my mind. I had to listen a couple times to hear it, but the reversed piano notes in the beginning and through part of the organ are actually the intro to the original Hyrule castle theme played slowly.

I can't even begin to imagine what else was hidden in this game's soundtrack that was never discovered by anyone, like holy shit this is some next level detailing



Daniel Mondejar

this is also ganondorf's theme in OoT I think

Noah Frankel


Justin Carrasquillo

Look at the divine best theme all of the champons send out sos signals when the song starts

Noble Vagabond

Pastelbird awesome discovery

just some cultured swine

Looks like Ganon found the dusty old organ from the basement

Valxiya EX

Ganon's Tower in OOT has the best final dungeon theme imo. TP's is a close second.

The Frubblewarrior

I think Botw is tied with it.


This has killed so many Any% speedruns.

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