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Kass's Theme
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Me after playing TotK: Where is Kass? Is he safe? Is he alright?


I hope they're saving Kass content for a dlc


@@irinthius9518 they're insane if they don't bring him back. he had a fanbase almost as big as Sidon's which is mind-boggling.




It's almost a certainty he is going to come back in a DLC (more like a small expansion)


If I have to pay $20 to see Kass again, I will. Don’t underestimate my willpower nintendo. Put him in dlc

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did you guys also get a warm feeling when you heard this theme randomly in the distance while exploring?


Yes, every time.


That feeling of "I will find you wherever you are"


Me: [*exploring*]
[*faint accordion in the distance*]

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