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Link's Memories: "Daruk's Mettle"
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


“I may not know a whole lot about this Calamity Ganon thing, but mark my words, I’ll protect this land of ours to the death! Right, little guy?”
laughs as daruk proceeds to break links entire back


0:06 is amazing i cant stop replaying it.

Ebay Stutz

are you still going?


@Ebay Stutz if so, gotta say, what a perseverant man for going two years strong 💪


Love this game

ClassicBaby25, please Sub_To_InferiorSword

Love this

TwilightHourHero Dawn

Hang in there, Little Guy!


this broke my soul but I thank you for it

Tiago Garcia 



How did you extract the voice acting?

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